Gambaran Histopatologi Villi Khorialis pada Pasien Abortus Spontan dengan Pemakaian Amalgam pada Tambalan Gigi

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Dyah Ari Nuraida
Dik Puspasari


Amalgam is an alloy of mercury (Hg), which has been used as tooth’s fillings since 150 years ago. Mercury induced spontaneous abortion, by interfered fertilization and implantation process by damaged cells, proteins, molecular and genetic. The aim of this study to analize chorionic villous histopathological feature of spontaneous abortion patients with dental amalgam fillings.
This is a true descriptive studies with cross-sectional design. Subjects were 50 patients of Spontaneous Abortion that interviewed and examined histopathological of chorionic villous. Scoring of using amalgam and abnormalities chorionic villous were examined.
Respondents who used amalgam is 36 (72%), mostly 1-2 teeth (56%), for 5 to 15 years (42%). Their husbands using amalgam were 44 (88%), mostly 1-2 teeth (80%), for 5 to 15 years (62%). Respondents had 29 family members were used amalgam (58%), with a length of stay less than 5 years. Avascular villous is 100percent, mostly fibrosis at score 2 (38%), fibrinoid degeneration at score 1 (48%), hydropic degeneration at score 1 (80%), and abnormalities of trophoblast at score 2 (38%).
Spontaneous abortion patients with amalgam dental fillings have chorionic villous abnormality of vascularization, fibrosis, fibrinoid degeneration, hydropic degeneration and trophoblast.
Key words: amalgam, chorionic villous, spontaneous abortion.


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