Unexpected Case of Cerebral Toxoplasmosis with Radiological Appearance Similar to Malignancy

  • Cempaka Harsa Sekarputri
  • Anisia Indiralia
  • Roebijanti
Keywords: toksoplasmosis, cerebri, HIV, brain biopsy


Toxoplasmosis was Toxoplasma Gondii infection. In HIV-infected patients, the prevalence of toxoplasma infection
ranges was 3-97%. Diagnosis cerebral toxoplasmosis almost failed to recognized varians clinical and radiological
features on organism identifiied from brain biopsy which difficult to extract from alive patient. This case report
discussed cerebral toxoplasmosis of brain biopsy HIV positive patient which unknown status HIV patient, previously.
A 52-year-old male patient came complained not only loss of apatit and dizzy two months ago, but also fainted.
MSCT Scan with and without contrast showed right temporooccipital glioblastoma. Brain MRI showed a lesion on the
right temporoparietal area with perifocal edema pressing on the right lateral ventricle. Microscopical feature showed
glial tissue containing large areas of necrosis with karyorrhexis debris, PMN and mononuclear leucocyte infiltration,
scaterred of tachyzoites and bradyzoites, no signs of malignancy. HIV serological examination was confirmed and the
patient's results were found to be anti-HIV reactive. Conclusion diagnosis as cerebral toxoplasmosis.


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